Corrosion Protection – Extending the Life of Your PTAC

Oct 30, 2014 | Hotel Technology Blog

Along coastal regions industrial, commercial and residential equipment including air conditioning coils, all require corrosion protection from the abundance of contaminants found in the atmosphere. Investment in a quality corrosion-resistant coating is usually less costly than unit or coil replacement, inefficient unit operation, constant unit maintenance, discomfort or lost production costs.

Every General Electric Zoneline PTAC unit can be ordered with a special treatment, placed on the interior components of the unit, to reduce the effects of corrosive environments. Not only will you gain savings in the extended equipment life, but corrosion protection will also result in lower maintenance costs, better operating efficiency and reduced service expenses.

Corrosion protection will also extend the life of your warranty as General Electric will not cover failure or damage resulting from corrosion due to installation in a coastal environment, except for models treated with special factory-applied anti-corrosion protection.

So if you are within 5 miles of non-fresh water or any sort of constant contamination, be sure to cover your investment and get corrosion protected PTAC units.