Why Your Guests Expect an Interactive Program Guide

Dec 10, 2014 | Hotel Technology Blog

Hospitality TVs are not only starting to look slimmer, they’re getting smarter. Hotel TVs are evolving from something you watch to something you interact with. The latest TVs have features that allow you to log onto Facebook, get local information, order room service, and even mirror your smart phone.

For that reason having an IPG User Trendinteractive program guide is crucial to your guests’ experience. On average, home users visit their IPG 15 times per day and interact with it for 16 minutes per day. Not to mention that about 1/3 of content selection is discovered in IPG.

With an IPG, your guest won’t have to check the printed channel guide to see what channels are available. They won’t have to keep clicking the up and down button to change the channel. On Samsung TVs, for instance, they can hit the guide button and a grid will come up. Then it’s the familiar process of choosing their program via the directional keys just like they would on their TV back home.