Which are the Germiest Spots in Your Hotel Room?

Jan 15, 2015 | Hotel Technology Blog

Out of the 19 surfaces tested at a study done at the University of Houston, the germiest spot in hotel rooms were the bathroom sinks and floors, light switches and TV remote controls. The average remote was found to have 67.6 colony-forming units of bacteria per cubic centimeter squared.

So how do you protect your guests from potential hazard and ensure a clean environment? The easier way is to provide them with a Clean Remote with every TV. The Clean Remote has been tested to be 99% cleaner than standard remotes and will help reduce germs, viruses and bodily fluids often found on standard remote controls.

Not only is the Clean Remote effective, it is also easy to use and works with over 200 brands of hospitality TVs. The remote has a spill proof, easy wipe non-porous surface which makes it simple to disinfect when necessary. In addition, there is a hidden battery compartment with attached door so batteries aren’t taken and the door isn’t lost.

Since cleanliness is one of hotel guests’ top two priorities – the other is safety – buying Clean Remotes is one of the simplest solutions to ensuring your guests keep coming back.