Choosing the Right Hospitality Safe

Feb 18, 2015 | Tips


There are three basic types of hospitality safes: shelf mount, drawer safes and wall safes which come in black or beige.

Shelf mount:
The shelf mount safe is the most popular type of hospitality safe and comes in two basic sizes – 17″ and 19″.

The 17-inch safe fits a standard laptop while the 19-inch gives a little more room for miscellaneous items. Both safes can be mounted to a pedestal and placed anywhere in the room.

Drawer safe:
This safe is made to fit in drawer spaces. They can be opened via the top or the front depending on the type of drawer. There is a great variation in width to accommodate the different drawer sizes.

Wall Safe:
The wall safe is similar to a residential safe that can be recessed into the wall or surface mounted. These safes are great to place in closets but the space must be spec’d prior to installation to assure a perfect fit.

When choosing the best safe for your room make sure to consider guest storage needs, dimensions, location and color.