Sound and Noise — What’s the difference?

Mar 22, 2017 | Informational

Sounds are all around us. Noise comes from sound as an irregular, unpleasant or unwanted audio signal. Noise is subjective as one person’s noise is another person’s sound. There is a difference, it all depends on who is listening and what is considered comfortable to them.

In the hospitality industry, quiet and comfortable rooms are key to guest satisfaction.

The biggest noise culprit can be the air-conditioning unit in the room. About 66% of dissastified guests are unlikely to return due to poor noise and temperature control and about a third are unlikely to recommend the hotel for those reasons.*

General Electric is making big strides to boost the best sound quality in the industry. In addition to adding a baked on mastic barrier and a weather barrier system seal to help sound insulation, Zoneline also has the largest fans which means less rotation and quieter performance. Looking to stay ahead of the competition, their team consists of sound acoustics and mechanical engineers that have developed a sound testing lab. Proven and tested to have the lowest operating sound and best-in-class noise insulation,** GE Zoneline PTAC will provide superior sound quality to provide better guest satisfaction.

Find out more details on how GE tested above and beyond to crush the competition in all areas of sound quality.

Download the GE white paper

* Clarabridge Ratings and Reviews, for hospitality data collected July 2013 and June 2014.
** Independent third party testing at nationally accredited certified acoustical lab, conducted March 2015 and October 2015 in accordance with ASTM and AHRI standards