Brand Standards: The Hotel’s Bible

Apr 13, 2017 | Informational

Reviews can make or break a hotel’s reputation, not only directly affecting the property but also the brand itself. Bad reviews should always be taken into consideration and rectified to alleviate guests about a negative experience associated with that property. Just as important is remaining true to the flag, ensuring that standards and expectations are met.

Properties that feel they are not up to par or have turn the cheek on required updates should consider the following to get going in the right direction:


It’s important that the operators really understand the standards so that reserve allocations for future maintenance can be factored into operating costs. Once those minimum requirements are met, it’s time to come up with a plan to set your property apart from others to truly boost guest satisfaction and experience.


This is an obvious one, but the importance should not be overlooked. The brand standard manual should be followed from cover to cover on all that is required not only on amenities, case goods but also on the maintenance schedules. Cutting corners on requirements will stand out to your guests. To carry a brand’s name means that you must meet the customer’s expectation associated with it.


Every member of the brand must be on the same page and work towards the common goal of improving the guests experience. To maintain the brand image, visits to the properties regularly should be happening. Not only to inspect the current state but also paying attention areas that might need improvement down the road to have the most proactive approach possible.