Drivers for Hotel Energy Management

Apr 13, 2017 | Informational

It’s no secret how much energy is spent by hotels, more than double of a residential building its same size. 

With only 65% of an average occupancy rate, many hotels are looking into how they can reduce such high volume of energy consumption. Energy Management Systems (EMS) have been trending for the past couple of years and for good reason – not only can you save money down the road but going green is a movement that will keep guest returning.


There is an increasingly number of guests that make green choices at home who will value staying at an eco-friendly hotel. To many this feature will be the deciding factor to where they choose to stay. Properties that invest in EMS will be able to provide better guest satisfaction giving the assurance they supporting environment friendly choices.


Connected homes are starting to become the norm. Consumers like to have the ability to control house functions at their fingertips and they anticipate doing the same when they travel. The hype of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) gives guest the flexibility to connect and control to their room during the duration of their stay.