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May 19, 2017 | Hotel Technology Blog, Informational

GE brings production of the Zoneline PTAC back to the US

General Electric’s Zoneline Packaged Terminal air conditioners are currently being produced in Louisville, Kentucky. The new and improved PTAC’s full production started last year at their Appliance Park location. About $250 million dollars has been invested in this location with $40 million dedicated alone to GE Zoneline. About 100 operators will support the line, with 75 new jobs added to their production department. One of GE’s cultural values is providing opportunities to exercise their responsibility, integrity and creativity. Bringing production back to the US and releasing an even better PTAC for the hospitality Industry just goes to show how strongly they feel about their values.

About the new GE Zoneline:

  • The number one priority for hotel owners when it comes to PTACs is having a reliable, dependable unit. If the unit isn’t working or too loud for the customer to return this presents a loss of revenue for hotel owners. GE has millions of installed Zoneline units with an excellent service record. The new design will build and improve on that legacy.
  • GE Zoneline is the quietest PTAC compared to leading competitors, has the best noise insulation and lowest dBA, as verified by an independent, nationally accredited certified acoustics lab.*
  • GE’s Zoneline units are on average eight percent more energy efficient than leading competitor units. For a 100-room property, this can save a hotel owner thousands of dollars annually on their utility bill.

GE appliances has been making big strides building energy efficient appliances ranging from refrigerators to washers and dryers. The company takes pride in its products and people which reflects in the quality and reliability of their business.

*Independent Third Party Testing at nationally accredited certified acoustical lab, conducted March 2015 in accordance with ASTM and AHRI standards.