Are You Delivering Wow Moments When It Comes To Charging?

Sep 19, 2019 | Hotel Technology Blog, Informational

We’ve all been a wall hugger at a coffee shop or airport at one time or another. And I’m sure most of us have bought an extra charger at the Airport when we forgot our cable, and then there’s those who don’t leave the house without a backup battery pack.  Overall, we live in a society dependent on power, and there’s no telling where or when our next desperation moment for power to recharge our smartphone will hit.

The most comfortable we are in terms of power is when we are at home.  And at home it’s the nightstand where our phones really get cozy. Sure we’ve heard the “wellness” stories about living a less interrupted and stressful lifestyle, and the suggestion to leave the phone to charge out in the kitchen.  OK sure. But if you’re like me… for better or worse your phone is never more than an arm’s reach away.

Workaholics aside… our phones are a lifeline to our kids and our parents.  Yet another reason why we need to keep them close even when sleeping – in case a loved one needs to reach us.  We need them close and we need them charged. And so most of us have our nightstand charging setup – where our phone and maybe some wearables, (headphones, watch, fitness band) are topping up nightly for another day of action.  

But when we travel we break our charging routines and suddenly these little desperate for power moments become front and center.  So we pack all sorts of adapters, cables, power strips and batteries – ready to grab that power wherever we can. And when we check-in to our hotel rooms we go straight to grabbing this gear and setting up a makeshift charging station before we even unpack.  I wish I had stats on this one, but would it surprise anyone if charging a cell phone in the guest room overnight is as common as showering in the morning? Guests are plugging their stuff in more than using the iron, the safe, the microwave, the coat hangers, the phone, the TV, you name it.

When guests across the board are performing an activity that is this important to them every single night… an opportunity is beckoning to the hotelier.  Yet how many hoteliers end up ticking the box with an alarm clock that was designed 10 years ago? We understand it can get lost in all the other decisions that need to be made – but this is a wakeup call.  Your nightstand is a super high traffic area, and there’s a huge opportunity to impress guests with a kick ass charging station. So much better than that reaching behind to the dark corners to plug in your stuff.  

Is your clientele upscale? Then they probably have a new phone. So take it a step further and include wireless charging so guests need only lay down their phone to recharge for the night.   No cable required! Now that’s clean. More than that – it makes a statement.  It says “we get it”… “we’re updated”… “we’ve got you covered”…

And it’s more than just giving guests what they need.  The opportunity is to wow them. If you redecorate your bedroom at home, would you put a plain old power strip on your nightstand?  Would your wife be OK with that? I don’t think so. You’d want to place a product that’s clean, modern, simple to use; that charges lots of stuff and looks good doing it.  Only some guests use the fitness room, but every guest charges their phone. This is where you can create wow moments that touch every single guest that check in!

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