How Hotels are Responding to the Pandemic

How Hotels are Responding to the Pandemic

By Jeremy Pate

January 15, 2021

As cases continue to increase in the United States, hotels have begun to take measures in order to help out. One example would be a program called “Hotels for Hope” which includes 6500 properties near healthcare facilities to help these workers with temporary housing.

This is merely one of the many ways in which hotels have provided assistance regarding the pandemic. Many hotels are offering special discounts such as:

  • Oyo Hotels offering free nights to first responders
  • Domio offering free housing to Medical Professional and first responders in Miami, Nashville and Chicago.
  • Red Roof discounting stays for students who cannot return to campus or home.

Due to Covid-19 having such a huge impact on the hospitality sector, it is wonderful to see that these hotels are helping during this time of crisis.

We’re also here to help support hoteliers during this crisis. Transworld continues to operate and has secured inventory in Hospitality TV, PTACs and appliances.  This gives us the ability to respond to our customer’s needs.

Information was derived from the following article posted by Hotel Management and written by Chuck Cobrosielski.


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