LG Hospitality TV and Pro:Centric Server

May 14, 2021 | Hotel Technology Blog, Informational

LG Hospitality TV and Pro:Centric Server Details

The LG Commercial TV series helps hotels effectively manage TVs while supporting UHD/4K resolution. It can be operated as a two-piece solution when paired with an external set-top box. The LG Hospitality TV series provides essential commercial features including IR out functionality, improving not only hotel management capabilities but also your guests’ viewing experience.

Key Features You Should Know about LG Hospitality TVs Include:

Welcome screen – With the capability to display several images, Commercial Lite TVs allow for a greater variation of greeting messages in hotel rooms which make customers feel more welcome and cared for. 

USB Data Cloning – USB data cloning makes managing multiple displays more efficient for optimal operation. No need to set up each display one by one, data can be copied to a USB in one display, data will be distributed to other displays through a USB plug-in. 

Commercial Swivel Stand – Expand the range of comfort for the guests with a commercial grade stand by allowing them to watch a TV from any angle.

IR Out – Using the interactive set-top-box, all LG TVs can be controlled with a single remote.

Remote Diagnostics – The TV stores diagnostic data, which can be saved to a USB memory device, thus enabling service engineers to analyze the data and identify technical issues quickly and easily.

Combine these amazing features with the LG Pro:Centric Server and you will have one of the most up-to-date TV systems available today. 

LG’s Pro:Centric® Server is a stand-alone, remotely-controlled processor and controller for the Pro:Centric system. The server enables system providers to create and remotely manage application content for LG commercial TVs over RF or IP distribution networks.

LG’s Pro:Centric® Server can also be used to remotely edit the televisions’ FTG (“Free- To-Guest”) channel map and installer menu configuration, dramatically reducing installation cost and future room visits.

Utilizing a spare RF channel for communications – The LG’s Pro:Centric® Server broadcasts its information to Pro:Centric enabled TVs enabling guests to select customized content for in-room viewing using the TV remote control, such as hotel amenities, daily weather, and interactive electronic program guide (EPG). The server captures data updates via the Internet to populate its EPG, weather forecast and other services, enabling the most up to date information to be presented to the guestsTVs.