Nano Cell TVs in Hospitality Televisions

Nano Cell TVs in Hospitality Televisions

By Jeremy Pate

May 31, 2021


The TV is an essential component of the guest room. Depending on the viewing angle, the image on the TV may become distorted. This was an issue until IPS displays were created. This technology widens the view and has excellent color and contrast that allows viewers to enjoy from any angle.

While standard IPS displays are still a valid option, there is a new technology that makes IPS displays pale in comparison. This is The LG Nano Cell™ Display.

What Are Nano Cells?

LG Nano Cell technology uses particles to absorb unwanted light wavelengths and enhance the purity of the red and green colors that are displayed on the screen.It also creates subtler, more accurate colors that stay true, even at wide viewing angles. Therefore, despite your seat in the guest room, viewers will experience peak quality imaging.

Other Features of Nano Cell TVs

LG has recently introduced nano cell technology into their hospitality products. All of the standard hospitality features are included in each TV category (Basic, Pro:Idiom, b-LAN and Smart).

LG SUPER UHD TVs with Nano Cell™ Display technology also support premium HDR content mastered by Dolby Vision™, and are compatible with generic HDR10 and HLG. This technology optimizes HDR picture for a better viewing experience. Nano Cell displays also feature powerful Dolby Atmos sound®, giving you a formidable, 360° audio experience.

For more information – check out the line up here.

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