How to Select the Best Wall Mount for Your Hospitality TV

Jun 14, 2021 | Hotel Technology Blog

Whether you are purchasing a single hospitality television for your hotel lobby or a suite of them to upgrade your rooms, you will need to select the best TV wall mount according to how you will use each set.

Continue reading to discover the four main types of wall mounts and how they are generally used, starting with the most adjustable category to the least.

1) Full-motion wall mount

For situations where you need a maximum possible number of viewing options and the most flexibility, the best option is usually a full-motion TV mount. With this type of mount, a TV or display can be moved in three different manners: in and out, up and down, and side to side.

Smart TVs installed with a full-motion mount can be pulled outward from the wall and pushed back in, which is a great space-saving function, as well as offering a discreet way to store the device when not in use. Full-motion mounted TVs can also swivel upward and downward to change the vertical viewing angle, and they can pivot side to side to adjust the horizontal viewing angle.

One setting where this category of mount might be best is a larger room where viewers will be in different locations at different times. A situation like this would benefit from a multi-angle installation solution like a full-motion mount that that delivers the optimal screen visibility to every corner of the space.

2) Tilting wall mount

When you have TVs or other screens installed in locations where they are higher than the average person’s line of sight, you may want to consider tilting TV mounts. These allow your staff or guests to toggle the vertical viewing angle up and down according to height. A tilting mount offers a middle-ground option in terms of adjustability, enough to satisfy most needs without offering too many settings or complications.

3) Flat wall mount

For today’s new ultra-thin Smart TVs, a flat wall mount might be the best choice. This type of mount fixes the TV or display almost completely flush with a wall (at most leaving only a third of an inch of space). Installing your Smart TV or other flat-screen display in this manner creates a hanging artwork type effect to seamlessly and unobtrusively incorporate technology into areas that benefit most from a subtle approach.

Additionally, in situations where you are trying to create a truly immersive experience, using flat wall mounts can more effectively integrate your devices and help them blend more naturally into their surroundings as they deliver interactive content. Lastly, this is a great space-saving option for tight quarters.

4) Fixed wall mount

Lastly, the most cost-effective but least adjustable type of wall mount is the fixed position mount. When you install a hospitality TV with a fixed mount, it hangs parallel to the wall in an immovable manner. Basically, you are affixing it to the wall much like any other static functional or decorative element.

These wall mounts are sturdy and do not invite guest attempts at adjustments, so they may last longer over time, but also may unsuitable for situations where users might want to tilt or arrange the screen to their preferences.

Find the best fit for each purpose

Based on where you are installing your suite of Smart TVs and how they will be used, these four different categories of wall mounts should give you the flexibility to find exactly what you need to make the most of your hospitality technology.