Two-Way Communication Makes for a Better Hotel Guest Experience

Aug 9, 2021 | Hotel Technology Blog, Informational


Hotel operators around the world agree that the more their staff communicates with guests, the more likely their guests are to enjoy their stays. However, the type, timing, and method of communication varies greatly between properties, countries, and guest preferences.

If you are searching for a flexible, cost-effective method that allows a great level of customization per your hotel and client needs, then differentiating your offering via direct in-room communication supported by Samsung’s LYNK REACH 4.0 could be the answer (REACH stands for Remote Enhanced Active Control for Hospitality). Read on to discover the top five ways this system can boost your communication strategy while meeting budget and infrastructure constraints.

1) Personalized Attention

By making the most of your Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) infrastructure, LYNK REACH 4.0 delivers the opportunity for direct in-room communication between guests and staff. This two-way communication enables a high degree of personalized attention and interaction – all without your staff having to visit the room or guests needing to visit the front desk.

When guests check in, their data can be sent to LYNK REACH 4.0, which allows staff to developed tailored messages and responses to each room – all based on each guest’s specific interests and needs. This full-stay service extends to checkout, when the Smart TV display can offer a complete view of all charges and fees along with payment processing for a seamless remote checkout experience.

2) Customized Content

Additionally, your hotel can use your current IPTV infrastructure to create and deliver customized content to each room via LYNK REACH 4.0. Drawing from guest data, you can set up their preferred content streaming platforms, social media, and other entertainment applications to be ready to use when they arrive. This allows guests to enjoy the same content on their room display as they would on their personal devices, lending a sense of familiarity, comfort, and convenience to their stay.

Additionally, these customized configurations are easy to set up, update, amend, and deactivate before, during, and after each guest’s stay as needed.

3) Remote Operation

Another benefit of using the Samsung LYNK REACH 4.0 and H-Browser content management systems is that you can greatly improve administrative efficiency. Gone are the days when a staff member would need to visit each room to adjust the content on every individual TV set or display. With these systems, your staff can remotely manage every device and efficiently complete all necessary adjustments and updates from one central control point.

4) Real-Time Information

By streaming live data directly to displays in each room, you can save your staff the time and expense of creating, updating, placing, and explaining constantly changing event and facility information to guests. This nimble solution enables your staff to instantly and directly share real-time event updates, restaurant details, amenity information, weather forecasts, area highlights and news, flight statuses, and more. Along with the cost benefit, this approach allows greater opportunities for branding, creativity, and distinction – making every stay at your property more memorable.

5) Responsive Interaction

Lastly, the benefits of two-way, in-room communication include the ability to proactively and responsively tailor services and products to improve earnings. For example, if restaurant reservations are low one night, you can push a coupon code out across your network of Smart TVs to entice greater uptake. Additionally, you can customize promotions for other services and amenities based on each guest’s profile developed during booking, checking in, responses to prompts on the display in their room, and from previous stays.

Ensuring you are getting the most out of your hospitality technology means you can harness the full capabilities of these powerful tools to enrich and elevate every interaction you have with your guests – basically creating a digital in-room concierge. With solutions like the Samsung LYNK REACH 4.0 you can boost the efficiency of your operation while differentiating and enhancing each and every experience a guest enjoys in your hotel.