Hotel Technology News and Trends

Aug 16, 2022 | Hotel Technology Blog, Informational

The latest hotel technology news and trends span everything from upgraded self-serve tech to conversational AI. It’s an exciting time to stand at the forefront of innovation with new, innovative hotel tech products (hospitality TVs, hotel TV systems, appliances etc) on the horizon.

Hotel Technology News and Trends Update 2022

Hotel tech products have come a long way in recent years as brands adopt a more innovative mindset where better hotel technology improves the guest’s experience. Here’s a peek at the top news and hotel technology trends driving the hospitality industry’s evolution in 2022.

Global Think Tank Reveals Concepts for Hotel Technologies of the Future

The Hotel of Tomorrow Project – a leading hospitality industry think tank – has pinpointed seven hotel concepts that will pave the way for future tech. But which trends will come first? The answers may surprise you if you’re unfamiliar with the latest products on the market. To learn what to expect down the line, read more.

The Digital Age of Hospitality

The hotel tech landscape can be uncertain without specific use cases for new products. Nowadays, with so many options from which to choose, digital transformation is how brands can differentiate themselves, but which products and services will have the most significant impact? It’s not such an easy choice, so read more to see what they are.

73% of Travelers More Likely to Opt for Hotels with Self-Service Tech

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, hotels have taken self-service tech to new heights, with some brands delivering a truly contactless experience. Yet, what’s the competitive advantage that hotels gain by going all-in with self-service hotel technology products? To see the latest numbers from a study by Oracle Hospitality, read more.

Hotel Profitability with Intelligent Use of Data Now Automated

Many industries have already endured the automation craze, and some have demonstrated more success than others. Today, it’s the hospitality industry’s turn to make the best use of automated data and systems, but how? The situation is urgent as the hospitality industry is still climbing back to pre-COVID occupancy. Read on, and see how new hotel tech can lead to higher profitability.

QR Codes Can Benefit Hotels and Their Guests

QR codes allow consumers to access online information with smartphone cameras, but will they also work for hotels? Some hotel brands already use QR codes, whereas others are falling behind the trend. The trick, according to, is to take QR codes to the next level. To learn how they can benefit guests and hotels, read more.

Investing in a Hotel’s Digital Infrastructure

This article from Lodging Magazine should give hotel brands plenty of food for thought because it shows why they need better internet connectivity on-premises. It’s not as easy as adding more network devices, and here’s why. Read more, and see how some hotels are upgrading their digital infrastructure for high-speed connections.

Next-Gen Fitness Trends for Hotel Guests

If your hotel offers fitness amenities, the time is now to consider upgrading to next-gen equipment. The catch is that, with so many next-gen fitness products on the market, it’s becoming more challenging to integrate them with hotel tech. To learn about the five steps to improving the guest’s experience, read on to see how to incorporate fitness tech.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Manager for Hotels

Cloud technology is nothing new since it’s been on the market for over a decade. Still, hotels are playing catch up, yet the latest cloud-based hotel management software allows those brands to innovate. Here are five reasons why moving to the cloud is long overdue. Read on to see how hotel managers can improve operations in the cloud.

How Conversational AI Can Benefit Hotels Moving Forward

Why does hotel tech count more than you think? Are guests used to using AI voice commands on their smartphones, or are other technologies playing a part too? You’d be wrong to assume AI has no place in hotel technology products because there are many opportunities to improve the guest’s stay. The challenge is finding ways to integrate conversational AI into a hotel’s current digital infrastructure. Here’s a close look at the trend if you want to read more about how AI can work in hotels.

J.D. Power Finds Guest Satisfaction Declines As Travel Volume and Room Rates Rise

People are traveling once again now that the COVID pandemic is in its waning days. Hotels across the board have worked hard to improve health and safety by increasing contactless services. Still, the question is this: has this trend led to greater guest satisfaction overall? This new research conducted by J.D. Power suggests there are missed opportunities since satisfaction is declining as business returns. To see the numbers, read more.

8 Disruptive Hotel Tech Trends to Watch in 2022

The latest hotel tech news is promising. New hotel tech products keep hitting the market, but some have been more successful than others. Either way, the idea is to integrate better tech and be fearlessly disruptive and innovative – a real challenge for an industry that hasn’t traditionally evolved as fast as tech. Here are the top eight disruptive hotel tech trends in 2022 and beyond. Read on to see what the latest hotel technology trends are.

As you can see, the latest hotel technology news shows that the industry is still recovering from the COVID pandemic’s impact, yet there’s plenty of room for optimism moving forward.