Where Are the Best Places for Digital Signage in Hotels?

Dec 13, 2022 | Hotel Technology Blog

When it comes to conveying key information and events to your hotel guests, few things are more effective than a well-placed sign. Even in this modern era, digital signs are the primary way hotel staff keep their visitors informed. However, if you don’t place these signs correctly, they may not be as effective at catching passing attention and allowing guests to internalize what they display. Consider the importance of these signs as well as where the best places are for digital signage in hotels.


Before we can dive into the potential areas for sign coverage in your hotel, it’s crucial to know why these signs matter. Digital signs allow you to showcase multiple advertisements in a carefully timed loop. As such, you don’t have to commit to only sending one message at a time. Instead, you can send several at once, and the chances are greater that you’ll catch visitor attention with at least one of them. With more eyes on your ads comes the additional likelihood of interest and an eventual follow-through from guests. Whether you’re advertising a particular event or simply informing your guests of the pool hours, you’re likely to see an increased response.

Hotel digital signage also makes visitors feel as though you’re doing everything you can to keep them in the loop. This level of transparency is greatly appreciated by those who want the most out of their stay. Best of all, if guests have an immediate question, these screens can direct them to someone who will give them answers. From communication to marketing, these displays can help you accomplish it all in a snap.


Even after learning why you should have these devices, the question still remains: where are the best places for digital signage in your hotel? After all, every business is slightly different, and what works for some hotels might not work best for you. These are some general areas that traditionally benefit from this form of dynamic advertising.

Main Entrance

As guests first enter your hotel, they’re going to use the atmosphere of the space to develop their first impressions. When you place digital signage in these doorways, you’re already showing them what you value and what you need them to know about staying with you. This can go a long way in setting the stage for the rest of their visit.

These signs can also help put guests at ease by promising a certain level of service right away. You can also demonstrate your helpfulness with these signs by displaying information about local events, current weather, and general time blocks for check-in. Your visitors will appreciate being able to discover all this with a glance at your front door.

Hotel Lobby

It’s important to place some digital signage in your main lobby. These dynamic and colorful displays can add a lot of eye-catching elements to the space, helping you generate the welcoming atmosphere you need. Depending on what you choose to display, these screens can magnify the environment to create the best possible impression of your business.

Lobby signs can broadcast anything from how to check in to local safety alerts, making them just as useful as they are beautiful to look at. Additionally, the signs are incredibly accommodating when it comes to placement, allowing you to position them in all your highest-traffic areas with little issue. Whether it’s at the reception desk or next to the lobby waiting area, you’ll never miss out on a chance to get a message across.


If you choose the size of your digital signs carefully, you can place a few in the elevators as well. While this might seem like an unorthodox place for a screen, these areas receive frequent guest traffic and make for prime advertising space. Both the interior and exterior of the elevator make effective locations for eye-catching advertisements. In fact, this is a particularly beneficial area to showcase your hotel’s amenities and encourage your guests to check everything out. This is also a great spot for a detailed directory to help your guests find their way around the facilities.

Conference Rooms

Hotels with conference room rentals bring in a lot of business traffic, increasing the number of eyes seeing your displays. Placing these signs near your conference rooms can direct clients on where to find their groups and even help give them options for lunch. When you meet these individuals where they are, these signs can provide a more accommodating experience. Just make sure you don’t put any screens inside the rooms themselves, as they can be distracting to anyone using the space.

Fitness Centers

Guests will need something to grab their attention while they begin their daily workouts, and your displays are the perfect thing to put in the line of sight. As guests run on the treadmill, your digital displays could show them several things to do around town or where to get that much-needed power lunch. These signs are a great quality-of-life feature that can help a visitor make the most of their time at your establishment. Additionally, if guests don’t like the ad reel, they can always switch to regular television with the tap of a button.

Employee Break Rooms

Digital signage can even work well behind the scenes in your employee breakrooms. Your guests aren’t the only ones who need to stay informed, and a high-quality display can ensure that every member of your team knows exactly how to spend their time. From sudden booking spikes to a troublesome guest, you can display your needs on these signs so your team knows how to best respond. You can also use signs to promote important team-building events and keep staff morale high on the most demanding days.

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Where Are the Best Places for Digital Signage in Hotels?