Tips for Maintaining Your Hospitality Appliances

Jan 3, 2023 | Hotel Technology Blog

The hospitality appliances you install in your hotel suites make these spaces comfortable and livable for any guest. Therefore, it’s vital not only that you purchase high-quality models, but also that you put in the effort to keep them functioning correctly. No one wants to check into a room where the fridge won’t cool their food or the range doesn’t work properly. Keeping up with maintenance now can save you a lot of customer complaints—here are our tips for maintaining your hospitality appliances and keeping your guests well cared for.


Whether it’s a room’s compact fridge, overhead ventilation, or cooking surface, each of these devices experiences wear and tear over time. With continual use, components will degrade and leaks will form in essential areas, causing certain appliances to shut down entirely. Fortunately, regular inspections can help prevent this. By regularly checking each item’s inner workings and general performance, you can catch problems as they start and fix them before they become expensive repairs. We recommend performing full inspections every other week and checking appliances for new damage following every guest check out.


Along with inspecting your appliances between guests, it’s also important that you take the time to thoroughly clean them. There’s no telling what type of mess a visitor could leave in their wake. From sticky substances on fridge shelves to burnt-on remnants of a previous meal on the stovetop, these things degrade the room’s appearance and ruin the customer experience. Failing to clean your appliances also makes them deteriorate faster, leading to more frequent replacements and higher operational expenses. Because of these factors, you should always instruct your staff to leave every fixture spotless.


Another trick for staying on top of your appliance maintenance is to keep your employees informed regarding signs that may indicate potential problems. You don’t need every person on your team to inspect room appliances, but they should all know when to report a potential issue to the maintenance professionals. This way, you can easily address things like leaks and rust before they become larger problems for you and your guests. Teach your cleaning team what to make a note of, and they may just save you thousands of dollars in the long run.


The most important tip for maintaining your hospitality appliances is to hire a professional for more involved repairs or replacements. Proper installation is the key to keeping appliances performing at their best. For this reason, you don’t want just anyone to take responsibility for this task. Improper repairs or replacements can lead to serious hazards, including fires and gas leaks. You should never pass on hiring a qualified professional to get the job done right.

Older, malfunctioning hotel furnishings are the quickest way to discourage guests from staying with you—that’s why Transworld strives to make it easy for you to upgrade your suites. Our collection of hospitality appliances comes from a series of premium manufacturers, and we’re confident that shopping with us will yield the results you and your guests are looking for.