5 Signs Your Hotel Room Interior Is Outdated

Jan 11, 2023 | Hotel Technology Blog, Informational

When weary travelers come to your hotel for rest and relaxation, it’s essential that they enjoy the experience your room design provides. Hotel room design catches your guest’s attention and evokes the proper atmosphere for a great stay. So, when the aesthetics of these spaces become antiquated, it can severely hinder how your visitors feel about the facilities. Here, we’ll discuss some common signs that your hotel room interior design looks outdated and what you can do to fix it.


Guests want to feel as though they’ve walked into a sanctuary when they enter their hotel room, and a standard furniture layout can be very underwhelming. While a single couch, nightstand, lamp, and bed might be the basics of what a person needs, the modern guest wants a bit more. Today, individuals spend more time in their rooms, and, as such, they need more room for walking, eating, and entertaining. Including additional tables, reading chairs, and cooking spaces can make a difference for many people.


It’s also important to take a closer look at the types of patterns and textures you have in the rooms. Many once-popular design elements, such as floral fabrics and velvety textures, are fading out of style. Currently, guests desire combinations of neutrals and vibrant accent colors. This, combined with sleeker contemporary shapes and geometric patterns, make for a more modern experience.


Additionally, your rooms need an upgrade if their appliances aren’t performing correctly. This even includes how they look. Older devices appear clunky and rusted, ruining the look and feel of the space. So, make sure that you go back and replace any products that aren’t holding up to modern expectations.


Another noteworthy sign that your hotel room’s interior design needs to get updated is the dimness of the lighting in the space. Though dimmers are great for conserving energy, inherently dim lights make the room feel dark and unappealing. Because of this, we recommend upgrading your bulbs every few years to something brighter that guests find more atmospheric and functional.


Even though both aspects of a room are important, modern guests prioritize the functionality of a room over its appearance. As such, if your spaces offer an aesthetic experience rather than a practical one for entertaining, cooking, and walking, you’re due for some updates. Including functional appliances like compact fridges and cooking ranges can help improve guest comfort.

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