Mistakes To Avoid When Mounting Hotel TVs

Mar 21, 2023 | Hotel Technology Blog

As you upgrade your hotel’s televisions to new models, you might be considering where to place them throughout your rooms. If you want to mount them on the walls to save space in your rooms, there are a few factors to consider first. Mounting TVs can be difficult and even dangerous if you’re not careful with the installation. Here are some mistakes to avoid when mounting hotel TVs that you should know.


Hanging a television set at the wrong height is one of the most common mounting mistakes both consumers and businesses make. If you hang your TVs too high or too low in your hotel bedrooms, your guests may have to sit in uncomfortable positions to simply watch TV. Before mounting your hotel TVs, put yourself in your customers’ positions by sitting on the in-room couch or bed to determine a comfortable watching height and angle. It can be helpful to have two people on an installation team to perform this step—ask one person to position the TV on the wall and the other to correct the height from a distance.


After measuring your desired TV height, don’t forget to check each bracket’s levelness before drilling into the walls. If you hang your hotel TVs without checking if brackets are level first, it could lead to the screens being crooked. A slanted screen will not only irritate guests, but it can also make your hotel rooms appear unprofessional. For these reasons, don’t forget to check evenness with a level throughout the installation process.


You’ll know your TV installation lacks structural support if it starts to sink, dip, or even fall completely off the wall. Falling televisions can pose a safety hazard to your staff and guests, so it’s crucial to install your hotel TVs correctly the first time. Most TV mounting brackets require wall studs to support their weight properly. Locate the wall studs in your rooms with a stud finder—don’t trust basic drywall to hold the weight of a hotel TV.

Now that you know these mistakes to avoid while mounting hotel TVs, you can install your hotel’s devices with more confidence. If you’re looking for new TV sets for your hotel, feel free to browse our selection here at Transworld. We offer Samsung hotel TVs and many other top brands for all types of hospitality services.