4 Unique Ways To Use Smart Hospitality TVs

Apr 26, 2023 | Hotel Technology Blog, Informational

Smart TVs are excellent amenities for any modern hotel. Your guests will appreciate having the comforts of home, and you can use these appliances to your advantage as a hotel owner. Discover four unique ways to use your hotel’s smart hospitality TVs.


Many hotel chains are focusing their efforts on personalizing the customer experience and making guests feel more welcome. This not only improves the guest’s experience, but it also encourages bookings in the future. One way your hotel can beat the competition is by personalizing your smart TV display screens. When guests walk into their rooms, you can greet them with a personalized welcome message on the TV screen. Consider programming these messages to change based on the time of day for a more personalized greeting.


Use your smart TVs to your hotel’s advantage. They can become digital catalogues that compile your hotel’s services and amenities. Does your hotel have room service? Does it offer dry cleaning? Your guests might not know these options are available without a catalogue of your hotel’s services. Through web access features and syncing with your hotel’s digital infrastructure, you could allow customers to order room service and other amenities through the smart TVs in their rooms.


Many guests plan their itineraries the night before while staying in their rooms. This is the perfect time to promote local attractions that your hotel may be partnered with through your smart TVs. You can promote local destinations to encourage more traffic from your guests. You could even use your smart TVs to display a map of the hotel, the surrounding area, or the venues that guests might attend.


Smart TVs can even answer some of the most common questions guests may have during their stays. For example, guests often ask about Wi-Fi connectivity. If your hotel offers free or paid Wi-Fi, consider formatting an on-screen guide that can walk them through the connection process and display passwords. You can provide answers to everything, from checkout times to amenity locations!

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