Top 3 Benefits of LG Pro:Centric Televisions

Apr 27, 2023 | Hotel Technology Blog, Informational

There are many models to choose from when selecting new TVs for your hotel. With televisions offering more features than ever, it can be difficult to pinpoint which model is right for your business. Start by looking at a hospitality TV that offers a wide range of features in one efficient package. Here are the top three benefits of LG Pro:Centric televisions that could make this model the perfect fit for your hotel.


When guests book a stay at a hotel, they often look for updated amenities. LG Pro:Centric televisions have many new features to match the latest TVs on the market. With smart technology, streaming apps, UHD picture, and more, LG TVs can provide your guests with all the comforts of their home TVs during their stay. Updating your hotel with hospitality TVs that include these new features can help you attract new customers and returning guests.


LG Pro:Centric televisions can also help your hotel upgrade its customer service and connection with customers. You can customize various aspects of these hospitality TVs from one program, personalizing them to your hotel, adding local weather reports, and providing other up-to-date information. Personalizing your TVs can improve your customers’ experience and make their stays more efficient. Because you can customize and control all models from a central location, maintenance and updates are quick and easy with little downtime.


If you’re looking for ways to increase your hotel’s return on investment, hospitality TVs can help you generate more sales and interest in your assorted services. Hotels can use LG hospitality televisions and their wide customization options for advertising services such as breakfast buffets, dry-cleaning, valet parking systems, and more. This can also help reduce the strain on your hotel’s front desk by directing customers to services, displaying frequently asked questions, and more.

Choosing TVs for your hotel can be difficult, but breaking down the benefits of each model can help. These have been some of the top benefits of the LG Pro:Centric television and why it works for so many hospitality services. If you’re interested in learning more about this line, browse our selection of LG hospitality TVs here at Transworld Services.