Common Mistakes To Avoid When Operating a Hotel

May 24, 2023 | Hotel Technology Blog

Owning and operating a hotel requires a lot of research and knowledge of the industry. If you’re planning to launch a hotel or looking for ways to improve your current business, you’ll want to know the mistakes to avoid. Here are some of the common mistakes you should avoid when operating a hotel or hospitality service.


One of the biggest mistakes hotel owners make is ignoring the quality of their rooms. You might not notice if you don’t personally inspect your rooms often, but hotels can quickly become outdated without regular updates. Appraise your rooms’ carpeting, wall colors, and appliances regularly, and make upgrades when trends start to change. Remember to update your hotel’s images and room listings on your website to show customers the best version of your hotel rooms.


Your customer’s experience at the front desk is often what formulates their first impression of your business. Rude or improper customer service can ruin a customer’s experience and cost you a potential repeat guest. This is why it’s crucial to prioritize your customer service team and their training. Schedule regular training sessions with your customer service team and define your best practices to improve customers’ first impressions and help them feel more welcome.


In the modern age of technology, your hotel can feel outdated beyond the appearance of its rooms. Many modern hotel chains use technology to synchronize appliances and services throughout their hotel. Other hotels offer virtual tours of their rooms and venues on their website. Technology updates like these can help market your hotel, promote bookings, and improve the customer experience, leading to returning guests.


From the moment your guests book their stay on their website to the moment they check out (and even after that), you should find ways to communicate with your guests. Send prompt email updates regarding a guest’s stay to give them an easier check-in process. You can also utilize technology to display information like frequently asked questions on guests’ televisions. Having a 24/7 phone line can help your guests with schedules or issues during their visit. And don’t forget to follow up with your guests after their stay. Consider asking them to rate their stay or offering points for a future visit.

Now that you know these common mistakes hotel owners make, you can avoid them while operating your business in the future. If you need hotel room supplies to keep your rooms up to date, browse our selection of appliances at Transworld Services. We can help you take your hotel rooms from outdated to modern with new electronics and more.