How To Choose the Right Television for Your Hotel Rooms

May 25, 2023 | Hotel Technology Blog

Televisions are one example of appliances that quickly become outdated over the years. If your hotel still uses televisions from a decade ago, it may be time to upgrade your technology. First, you must choose which new models to purchase, whether you need new models for a startup hospitality business or want to replace your old technology. However, this can be a difficult decision to make with so many hospitality TV models on the market. Here is a guide covering how to choose the right television for your hotel rooms to help you make an educated decision.


Your hotel’s in-room TV systems are part of the amenities your business offers. Potential hotel guests looking for a place to stay will consider the quality of your room’s appliances before they book. Outdated television sets and other appliances can be a red flag to customers and will quickly turn them away from your hotel service. Another reason to choose updated TV systems is that they provide one of the comforts of home for your guests, which can make them feel more comfortable and satisfied with their stay. Modern hotel TVs also have features that can promote your services and prevent headaches for your staff.


Before you start pursuing TV systems from your favorite electronics website, remember that hospitality televisions and consumer televisions have various distinct features. Hospitality televisions are ideal for hotels, motels, hospitals, and other businesses. These specialty models have additional customization, connectivity, and infrastructure features that benefit hotels and other businesses. They also provide ease of use and security features that standard TVs don’t. For example, hotel TVs use automatic reset features that clear a previous customer’s passwords and other personal data after the TV remains off for a certain period.


Now that you know the key differences between hotel and consumer TVs, it’s time to explore the specific features and qualities you should look for in a hospitality model. Here is a quick list of points you should consider to help you choose the right set of TVs for your hotel or other business.

Hotel TV Size

Room dimensions will vary from hotel to hotel, so the optimal TV size is different for many businesses. You may even need multiple sizes of television for different rooms in your hotel. For example, a standard single or double-bed room may not need the same size TV as a suite-sized room.

Typically, you should place a television set about 10 feet away from the intended viewing area. Choose a TV set that is not too large or small from this distance to avoid eye strain. The recommended screen size is 40 inches or larger for a 10-foot viewing distance. Remember to measure the screen size from the upper left-hand corner of the display to the lower right-hand corner—doing so will ensure you have an accurate measurement when sizing the right TV for your space.

TV Picture Quality

Screen size is one of the factors that influence TV costs the most, along with picture quality. Many modern TVs offer HD (720p or 1080p), 4K, and even 8K picture quality options. Which picture quality you choose will also affect how close or far you should place your TV. Clear picture quality means you can place it further away from the viewer. If your hotel rooms are on the smaller side, you could save money by purchasing HD TVs instead of 4K models. However, consider that these models will become outdated sooner since 1080p and 4K TVs have been on the market for many years already.

Hotel TV Features

Modern televisions also offer many built-in features for your consideration. If you’re looking for a TV to provide lots of features for your business and guests, choose a smart TV. Smart TVs have built-in applications that guests can use to stream their favorite shows, connect to your hotel’s Wi-Fi, search the web, and more. Hotels can also use smart TVs and their many features to their advantage. For example, you can use a smart TV’s custom settings to display service information and frequently asked questions when guests arrive at their rooms. Smart TVs also provide security features to keep guests’ stays and their booking information confidential.

Hotel TV Placement

As mentioned above, the screen quality and TV size can affect where you place your appliances in the room. Avoid placing TVs within five feet of beds, chairs, and other viewing spots to avoid eye strain. If your hotel television is 40 inches or more, place it at least 10 feet away.

How you mount and set up your hotel TVs is also important. If you place the TV on a dresser or desk, make sure it has a solid stand to avoid falling over onto guests or their belongings. Mounting your hotel TV to a wall is an ideal way to make your room feel more spacious and luxurious. Consider all your placement and mounting options before selecting your hotel TVs.

Common Hospitality Brands

You want to know that your technology is coming from a brand you can trust when investing so much in appliances for your business. While there are many television brands on the market, several brands offer high-quality hospitality appliances that you should know. Look for trusted brands such as Phillips, LG, and Samsung. These brands offer specialty electronics that feature all the hospitality features you could need.


If you’re looking for quality hotel TV systems from brands you can trust, browse our selection at Transworld Services. We offer a wide variety of hospitality television systems with all the qualities we’ve broken down above and more. You can find appliances from big-name brands such as Samsung, LG, and Phillips. We supply a range of TVs that come in diverse sizes and picture qualities so that you can find the TV that fits your hotel rooms.

Use this guide to help you choose the right television for your hotel rooms as you update your business this year. Choosing the right appliances can equal more bookings and happy versus unsatisfied customers. You can rely on Transworld Services for all your hotel technology needs. Once you upgrade your technology, don’t forget to update your website’s room listings to include new images and descriptions of your up-to-date models.

How To Choose the Right Television for Your Hotel Rooms