How Should You Position a Hotel Room TV?

When you’re designing your hotel rooms, how you place your television sets is critical to the space’s practicality. After all, in-suite entertainment is one of the primary wants of the average guest, and your layout should make it easy to accommodate that request. Still, every hotel is different, and understanding where to put your TVs can be difficult. Here, we’ll discuss how you should position your hotel room TVs and what factors should influence your decision.

The Importance of Television Positioning

Before we can dive into the specifics of television placement in hotel rooms, it’s important to know why you shouldn’t rush into this choice. During a guest’s stay, they want to be able to have access to some form of entertainment, whether that be live TV or one of their recordings. Strategic placement of these devices allows them to see the screens from anywhere in the space. Not only is this great for multitasking, but it also improves their comfort and overall satisfaction with the room.

Considerations for Positioning Hotel TVs

Several things play a key role in the effectiveness of your TV placement. Ignoring even one of them can greatly hinder visitor satisfaction. For one, the size of your television can affect how the screen appears to viewers around the room. Screens too large will engulf the wall, hurting the viewers’ eyes and making them feel they’re too close. The amount of floor space you have and the furniture layout of the room can also have an impact. Therefore, many opt to mount televisions on the walls to conserve space.

Proper Hotel Room TV Alignment

Even in knowing all this, one question remains: how should you position a hotel room TV in your rooms specifically?The answer may greatly vary depending on the factors mentioned previously. Make sure you take the time to carefully assess the size of your TV, the room’s layout, and the overall viewability of the device before making your choice.

Generally, however, smart televisions perform best when mounted near the bed to allow for easy viewing from the lying position. However, if your room also includes a workspace, you’ll want to ensure that individuals can see the screen from that angle as well. This ensures that the television can accommodate any visitor, regardless of where they want to sit to watch their shows.

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