How Pro:Idiom Technology Can Benefit Your Hotel

How Pro:Idiom Technology Can Benefit Your Hotel

By Jeremy Pate

July 24, 2023

Have you ever wondered what makes a hospitality TV different from a consumer TV? One of the biggest differences is the hospitality TV’s Pro:Idiom function. This feature is just one of the many security layers that hospitality TVs offer. Keep reading to learn more about Pro:Idiom technology and how it can benefit your hotel.

What Is Pro:Idiom Technology?

You can choose from two types of hospitality televisions when purchasing for your business—Pro:Idiom and Non-Pro:Idiom models. Pro:Idiom technology is a type of encryption technology that provides additional security for your business. This technology is built into hospitality TV models to protect your devices and their functions.

Benefit 1: Prevents Piracy

Pro:Idiom encrypts signals that feed into your hospitality TVs, preventing the illegal reproduction of copyrighted content from TV channels and streaming services. This is also known as piracy. Pro:Idiom technology protects your digital televisions and on-demand signals.

Benefit 2: Allows Premium Channels and Services

Many content providers require hotels to use encrypted signals in each room before offering their streaming services. HBO, ESPN, SHOWTIME, ABC, CBS, and other streaming services and channels will block access to their content without encryption to prevent piracy. If you want to provide your guests with the best selection of media, a Pro:Idiom television is necessary.

Benefit 3: Prevents Misuse of Hotel TVs

Pro:Idiom televisions offer lock-out features that prevent guests from tampering with and altering the settings of your hospitality televisions. This further prevents piracy and misuse of your TVs’ content and features. Many Pro:Idiom models also include volume limit settings to ensure guests don’t cause disturbances and your front desk doesn’t receive noise complaints.

Now that you know how Pro:Idiom technology can benefit your hotel, consider investing in devices with this feature. If you’re interested in upgrading to Pro:Idiom televisions for your hotel, you can find commercial LG TVs and hospitality models from all your favorite brands at Transworld Services. We provide hospitality TVs with hotel-friendly features like Pro:Idiom technology!


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