Busting 4 Common Misconceptions About Smart TVs

Smart TVs are relatively new to the consumer market, especially for commercial use. If you’re interested in purchasing a smart TV for your business, you should know the basics about them making your selection. Start by learning the truth behind these four common misconceptions that you may have heard about smart TVs.

Smart TVs and Smartphones Share the Same Features

Some buyers assume smart TVs and smartphones share similar features because of their names. However, most smart TVs don’t have touchscreens and still require remote operation. The biggest benefit of Smart TVs over smartphones is their large screen size, which makes streaming much more enjoyable.

Smart TVs Can Spy On You

Smart TVs are like large-scale computers with complex connections. Due to their Internet connectivity, they are vulnerable to hacking, though the average consumer should not worry that their TVs are spying on them. If your Wi-Fi network is private, your smart TVs will be safe. Pro: Idiom technology can encrypt your TV with an extra layer of protection for businesses and public networks.

Smart TVs Provide Internet

One of the biggest benefits of Smart TVs is that they can connect to the Internet to access apps, streaming services, and web browsing. However, a Smart TV doesn’t come with Internet services or provide Internet itself. As a business owner or consumer, you’ll need to connect your television to a pre-existing network to access all the features of your smart TV. If you want to use commercial smart TVs in a hotel or other hospitality business, you’ll need a strong network connection that reaches every room.

Smart TVs Have All Features Right Out the Box

While Smart TV platforms provide access to many free television channels, movies, and streaming services, you’ll need to invest in additional features to get the full experience out of your Smart TV. You can access streaming services quickly and easily through smart TV apps, but you’ll need subscriptions to these services to be able to access their libraries. The same goes for accessing cable and local TV channels.

Now that we’ve busted these four common myths about smart TVs, you can feel more confident about your purchase. If you’re interested in commercial TVs for hospitality functions and more, browse our selection of brands and models at Transworld Services. We provide hospitality products, such as smart TVs and more, for a wide range of businesses.