PTAC vs PTHP Units: What's the Difference?

If you’re looking for heating and cooling options for your hospitality business, you’ve likely heard about PTAC units. These systems are some of the most effective options for heating hotel rooms, apartments, hospitals, and more. However, several types of packaged terminal temperature control systems exist, including PTHP units. If you’re wondering about the difference between PTAC and PTHP units, keep reading to learn more about each unit.

What Are PTAC Units?

PTAC units, also known as packaged terminal air conditioners, are self-contained cooling systems. These devices are common for hospitality applications, and you can find them in hotels, motels, hospitals, housing facilities, and apartments. Because they are single units, they usually provide air conditioning to one room or small spaces. These systems are ductless and save facilities costs on maintenance and energy consumption, which is why they are so popular in the hospitality industry.

What Are PTHP Units?

PTHP units, or packaged terminal heat pumps, are also ductless and commonly used in hospitality applications. However, PTHP units have a reversible function that allows them to pump heat into a room. They can cool and heat a space, eliminating the need for separate heating and cooling. Like PTAC units, PTHP systems are suitable for a single room or small area, where they provide the most efficient heating and cooling effects.

Which Hotel-Style Unit Is Best?

The best hospitality-style heating and cooling system for your hotel depends on a few unique factors. Both PTAC and PTHP units provide incredible cooling efficiency, and PTHP systems offer efficient heating. PTHP units may be ideal for hospitality businesses in climates that change dramatically throughout the year. However, if you manage a hotel or residential housing facility in a milder area, you may not need the extra heat pumping technology.

These are some of the biggest differences between PTAC and PTHP units. If you’re looking for heating or cooling options for your hospitality business, Transworld Services can supply the technology you need. We carry a wide variety of PTAC heating and cooling units for hospitality businesses. Create a more comfortable environment through climate control in your hotels, hospital rooms, apartments, and more today!