4 Differences Between Hospitality and Home Televisions

If you’re browsing hospitality appliances for your hotel, you might wonder what the difference is between these models and consumer versions. After all, why you can’t order the same type of smart TV you would for your own home? There are distinct features that make hospitality TVs best for these environments. Keep reading to learn the four main differences between hospitality and home televisions.

Home Versus Commercial Warranties

Most home and consumer television warranties don’t apply to commercial settings. Without a warranty, your hotel business would be responsible for paying the repair fees you encounter. While it’s unlikely that your hospitality TV will need repeated repairs, the costs to your hotel can be expensive when they occur, so it’s best to avoid them. Plus, the standard manufacturer offers a longer warranty period for hospitality TVs than home TVs, which offers additional coverage. Also, hospitality TVs are more durable and long-lasting in constantly changing environments such as a hotel room.

Privacy and Data Security

Modern smart TVs require logins and personal information to access streaming services, the internet, and various other services. When your customers input their personal information to access these services on your hotel devices, you want to ensure that this information is safe and secure to avoid data breaches. Hospitality TVs come with unique security features that allow you to erase personal data from each guest after the duration of their stay. You can also invest in Pro:Idiom hospitality models to secure these streaming services and provide additional defenses against hacking.

Unique Hospitality Settings

Speaking of unique settings, hospitality TVs offer even more features that are ideal for hotel use. For example, hotel TVs often have volume leveling that sets maximum volume limits to prevent guests from disturbing their neighbors. Hospitality models also offer customizable welcoming screens and messages that you can program to give your guests a warm welcome. Additionally, they have superior eco mode and low power features, which can help hotels save money on energy costs and promote eco-friendly operations.

Maintenance and Operation Differences

With a professional setup, you can control hundreds of hospitality televisions from a single location. This function allows hotel management to customize the messages that appear on each TV to promote hotel events, market your brand, and answer frequently asked questions. The added control helps take some of the pressure off your hotel’s front desk and customer service staff.

These are the four main differences between hospitality and home televisions. Now that you know these differences and how hospitality models work best for hotels, you know what to look for when shopping for hotel technology. And when you need a go-to source for hospitality appliances, choose Transworld Services. We provide commercial Samsung TVs and a variety of well-known brands for your business. Browse our full selection to learn more about hospitality TVs today.