Why Your Hotel Should Offer Guests a Laundry Room

If you run a hotel or other hospitality business, you may want to consider adding a laundry room to your building. Of course, every hotel has internal laundromat utilities to clean bedding, uniforms, and other items your business needs to clean. However, many hotels offer additional laundry services for guests to use. There are many benefits you can enjoy by adding guest laundry services to your building. Keep reading to learn why your hotel should offer guests a laundry room or laundry services.

What Is Guest Laundry?

Guest laundry is a laundry facility or service within your hotel that your guests can use throughout their stay. About 30 percent of hotel guests stay for longer than three nights, which makes it difficult to pack enough clothes in a small bag or suitcase. Laundry services are especially convenient for long-term guests and those who book longer stays. Because guests can only pack so many clothes for a trip, they will rely on your hotel’s laundry services or laundromats in the area. Instead of pointing your customers to a laundromat, offer convenient laundry services that they don’t need to leave the hotel for.

Why You Should Offer Guest Laundry

Now that you know the basics of guest laundry services, you might wonder why hotels go to such lengths to provide them. Keep reading to learn some of the reasons to include guest laundry in your hotel and how these services can benefit your business.

Provides Additional Amenities for Guests

Amenities are some of the biggest elements that attract guests to book with a hotel. Customers often check a hotel’s list of amenities first to help them decide between several booking options. Laundry is just one more amenity you can add to your hotel’s list to appeal to new guests. If your hotel offers extended and long-term stays, your guests may expect to find laundry services on-site. Consider implementing a guest laundry room or additional room service option to ensure your business offers as many amenities as possible. Other amenities that can help customers feel more comfortable during their stay include kitchen and cooking access, modern televisions and in-room electronics, and Wi-Fi access.

Enhances Guest Experience

Laundry services can do more than just help secure bookings—they can also boost your hotel’s reviews and reputation. Customers value services that can help make their stays easier. In-hotel laundry rooms and services make this chore more efficient for your guests, which means they can spend more time enjoying their stay. Including hospitality laundry options is just one way you can improve your guests’ experiences staying at your hotel. Improving the overall experience encourages repeat customers and garners positive reviews for your business.

Additional Revenue Stream

Offering guests a laundry room or laundering service can benefit a hospitality business as much as it benefits its customers. Depending on whether you choose to charge guests extra for laundry services or include it with their stay, the service could become another form of revenue generation. Additionally, having a wide range of amenities can help your hotel appear more professional and enticing to customers. If you want your hospitality business to stay competitive, offering laundry services is a smart way to keep up with or stay ahead of your competitors.

How To Set Up a Guest Laundry Program

If you’re ready to take advantage of the benefits that guest laundry offers, you need to know how to start these services. This amenity isn’t something that you can offer overnight—you need to know how to adapt your hotel to offer a new service. The following tips will detail how to set up your own guest laundry program, including the equipment you’ll need and how to handle some of the logistics.

Choose a Suitable Location

First, decide whether you want to offer personal guest laundry access or schedule laundry services through room service and staff. If you want to create a personal laundry room for your customers, you’ll need to start by selecting a location on-site. This location should have access to water lines and electricity for each appliance you plan to include. You may need an installation team to visit your hotel and conduct an assessment of your laundry location. Once everything is clear, you can select your hospitality appliances with confidence.

Equipment Needed

Next, you’ll need to choose the right laundry appliances for your needs. Choose hospitality brand appliances to make your laundry services easy and accessible for customers and your staff. When you’re buying appliances for staff use, select washers and dryers with large capacities to support bulky hotel linens such as bedspreads, sheets, and comforters.

You’ll also need to choose how many laundry units to supply. Depending on the size of your hotel and the number of rooms, the number of appliances needed will vary. You could start with one washer and dryer unit for every 10-20 rooms in your hotel. Not all guests will utilize laundry services, so you should try starting with the minimum models you need and upgrading based on the demand.

Where To Find Appliances for Guest Laundry

When you’re looking for appliances for your hospitality business, be sure to choose a trustworthy supplier that can aid you with the installation process. If you’re looking for a hospitality appliance company that can help you through each step of the installation process, trust Transworld Services. We offer hotel and motel appliances, including hospitality washers and dryers, to make your hotel laundry vision a reality. Whether you’re looking for full-service washers for your room service team or accessible washers and dryers for your guests to use, we have a wide selection of solutions for you. Browse our full array of hospitality washers and dryers to find the ideal models for your business.

These are some of the biggest reasons why your hotel should offer guests a laundry room. Now that you know the benefits that this service can offer your business, you may want to seriously consider expanding your own hotel’s amenities. Don’t forget to browse our appliance selection at Transworld Services to find the best washers and dryers for your hotel. Start planning your own on-site laundry room today to enhance your guests’ experiences and secure more bookings.

Why Your Hotel Should Offer Guests a Laundry Room