What Features Are Required for a Hotel Television?

At the end of the day, your hotel guests want to return to their rooms and unwind. Television sets offer entertainment and relaxation for guests, whether they’re relaxing after a day of meetings or entertaining the kids so they can take a quick shower. However, picking TVs for your hotel isn’t as simple as purchasing the first sets you find. Hotel TVs have features that consumer models don’t, and for good reason. If you’ve been wondering what features are required for a hotel television, read our quick breakdown.

Maintaining Control

The television sets people buy online and at their local department store are blank slates, allowing them to program them as they like. Conversely, hotel TVs must be rigged a certain way to prevent guests from changing settings and adding channels. You can directly connect them to a system that digitally encrypts regular channels and streaming services through to the TV.

Hotel TVs also prevent piracy by employing digital rights management (DRM) software to keep guests from streaming content they shouldn’t. Incidentally, hotel TVs can be “cloned,” meaning you can program all the TVs in your hotel with the same functions.

Screen Your Screens

It’s easy to figure out how big a hotel TV should be. Consider the size of the room and the distance between the guest and the screen. Here’s a formula you can use: divide the distance between a person and the TV by three. For example, if a guest is sitting on their bed 10 feet away from the screen, convert that to inches (in this case 120) and divide it by three. The value, 40 inches, should be the size of the TV screen, give or take. While this formula is not mandatory to follow, it should make your decision easier.

High Definition

When people travel, they seek new experiences and entertainment. One thing they don’t want is a TV that’s inferior to the one they have at home. Flat-screen HDTV hotel TVs with crisp images are the norm in most hotel rooms. Yes, you may incur higher costs by providing high-definition televisions and programming, but you guarantee your guests will enjoy their programs.

Ad Opportunities

When considering what features are required for a hotel television, don’t forget the home screen!HDTV goes beyond providing great image quality as guests watch their favorite movies and shows. HDTV puts on-screen messaging for your hotel and its amenities in their best light. Every hotel TV should have a home screen that appears when guests turn on their TV. Provide information on your services, billing, time of day, weather forecasts, and nearby activities. You can sell advertising space to local merchants, restaurants, entertainment possibilities, and event organizers and make lasting partnerships!