5 Ways To Improve Your Hotel’s Laundry Room

If you’re looking for ways to improve service and accommodation in your hotel, don’t overlook your laundry room. Guests appreciate the convenience of in-house laundry facilities. Make the experience more pleasant and efficient by considering these five ways to improve your hotel’s laundry room. You’ll notice a definite uptick in customer satisfaction.

Maintain the Machines

It should go without saying, but if your machines aren’t running at peak efficiency, guests won’t be happy, especially if they need to get a refund. Schedule periodic inspections for your washers and dryers once every quarter to ensure they’re in good shape. The inspection should reveal any potential issues and prevent the need for repairs down the line.

Keep the Room Clean

It’s funny how dirty a laundry room can get. Ensure your staff keeps the machines wiped down and free from grime on the outside. Empty the lint traps and wipe down and sanitize the interior drums. This helps the machines last longer since it removes harmful materials that can build up and interfere with the proper functioning of the devices. Obviously, you should ensure that trash isn’t lying around, surfaces are clean, and detergent and other amenities are in stock. A tidy laundry room creates a better impression and is easier to use.

Go Green

When purchasing hotel appliances like washers and dryers, ensure they’re energy efficient. They may cost slightly more than regular machines, but the long-term savings make it worth it. They use far less water and electricity, so you’ll save a lot on your water and electricity bills. You may even qualify for a tax break. Guests who care about the environment will appreciate your efforts as well. Furthermore, energy-efficient appliances often work better than regular counterparts, getting clothes cleaner and dryer in less time.

Give Guidelines

Guests are probably used to using their own laundry room in their home or apartment complex, so provide clear guidelines on using the facilities in your hotel. Guests will appreciate clearly written and illustrated signage that shows how to use the machines and where they can get detergent and other items. Also, you should provide information about dry cleaning and other cleaning services available to them.

Provide Creature Comforts

The last of our five ways to improve your hotel’s laundry room is this: make your laundry room a pleasant place to hang out. Provide guests with good lighting, comfortable seating, vending machines, a television, and similar accoutrements. Your customers appreciate the little ways you show you’re thinking of their comfort.