Virgin Hotel NYC

Transworld is a company that specializes in providing high-quality electronics and other technology products to hotels and other hospitality businesses. They have a long history of partnering with leading hotel chains and independent properties to help them upgrade and modernize their guest rooms and public areas.

Recently, Transworld partnered with the Virgin Hotel in New York City to provide a new and complete experience for guests. The Virgin Hotel decided to purchase 999 of the new guest room LG hospitality 55-inch smart televisions from Transworld, which offer OTT functionality with popular streaming companies like Netflix, Prime, and Disney. These smart TVs bring a new level of convenience and entertainment to guests, allowing them to easily access their favorite shows and movies while staying at the hotel. The partnership between Transworld and the Virgin Hotel will help to enhance the guest experience and make the hotel more competitive in the crowded New York City market. Check out the LG TV that were purchased for this hotel: LG 55″ TV