What To Look for When Upgrading Your Hotel TVs

What To Look for When Upgrading Your Hotel TVs

By Daisy Lau

December 21, 2023

Your guests want more from their rooms than simply a place to sleep and wash up. When they’re tired after a day of vacationing, business meetings, or whatever, they usually want to stretch out on their beds and enjoy a variety of entertainment options on the TV. Will your sets be ready to offer more than just network and local TV shows? More importantly, will they offer a better viewing experience than guests enjoy back home? Here’s what to look for when upgrading your hotel TVs. Your guests will appreciate your extra effort!

Installation Anticipation

Whatever sets you consider, whether they’re Samsung commercial TVs or another brand, think about who’s doing the installation. If you visit your local big-box store, pick up a dozen or two TVs, and take them back to the hotel, someone still needs to set up and program them. If you have handypeople on site who can take care of such things, that’s good, but that means they’ll be unavailable for other tasks in the meantime. Instead, find a TV seller who provides installation and ask how long it will take. Once you find such a seller, schedule the installation for a season when you can spare the rooms during the job.

Current Content

When your guests lay back for a movie-viewing experience, they expect the latest releases to be at their fingertips. Ensure they can see current releases as well as old favorites. A central content management system should aid with this. Guests might want the option to have their rooms’ sets sync with their phones, laptops, or tablets so they can choose their own streaming services.

Measure for Measure

Sometimes, size matters. Guests prefer larger sets with louder speakers so they can get that movie theater experience in the comfort of their room. A 40-inch screen is the norm, but if your budget allows it, go bigger.

That said, be sure to place the television set in the proper place for optimal viewing. You should position a 40-inch screen about 10 feet away from the head of the bed. This gives guests a clear and unimpeded view without putting too much strain on their eyes.

Additionally, make sure you mount the set properly so it won’t fall over. Wall-mounted sets are superior to pedestal ones because they free up valuable floor space.

Sustained Maintenance

Here’s one more piece of advice on what to look for when upgrading your hotel TVs: talk to your provider about repairs and maintenance. Again, if you have on-staff technicians who can fix just about anything, that’s great. But you want someone who knows the ins and outs of the system and who can be on call to repair or replace any faulty sets. If you don’t have this person, you’re sure to hear from a disgruntled guest first.


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