The Benefits of Outdoor Televisions for Your Hotel

The Benefits of Outdoor Televisions for Your Hotel

By Daisy Lau

February 5, 2024

You want to offer every convenience and comfort to your guests. Have you considered installing television sets in your outdoor recreation, restaurant, and similar areas? Outdoor TVs bring more appeal to your hotel, providing a more positive guest experience on several levels. Here are some of the benefits of outdoor televisions for your hotel. Consider them for your guest’s enjoyment and your bottom line. And yes, waterproof TV sets that can take whatever nature dishes out are available.

Out-of-Room Entertainment

Many guests, after a long day of sightseeing or doing business, like to kick back in their rooms and watch a little TV. Others aren’t ready to call it a night, however, and may be looking for an entertainment option closer to home, so to speak. Add an entertainment option with an outdoor TV if you have a restaurant or bar on the patio or elsewhere outside. Usually, “the game” is on (it doesn’t matter which one, there’s always a game), and you can bet some of your guests will ask you to turn to it. Truthfully, it doesn’t matter what’s on. Many guests appreciate the background noise.

Movies Under the Stars

Do you serve a lot of families? They may be looking to get their excited kids out of the room for a little while. Set up periodic movie nights, complete with popcorn and other snacks, showing family favorites. Provide seats or blankets and schedule the movies closer to bedtime so the little ones can enjoy the film before being carried back to their rooms half asleep.

Game Nights

Between television sets and apps, everyone is ready to participate in trivia nights. An outdoor TV provides a fun and cozy way for different groups to come together and compete for prizes, socialize, and more. It’s also another good way to upsell entertainment options with drink tickets and more. Use this opportunity to collaborate with local merchants who can provide the prizes in exchange for being mentioned and having their logo and advertisements prominently displayed during the event.

Ongoing Advertising

Here’s another one of the benefits of outdoor televisions for your hotel. You can program your outdoor TV to continuously show advertisements and promotions through Samsung hospitality displays while guests meander on the property. Upsell your hotel’s offerings and increase your profits by selling ad space to local businesses, facilities, and tourist sites. And, of course, alert guests to the weather, special events, the news, and other information to make their stay that much more pleasant.


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