December 27, 2021

Best Hotel Technology Products 2022

By Jeremy Pate
Best Hotel Technology Products TWS Transworld

Looking for the best hotel technology products in 2022?

If you are trying to find the best hotel technology products for your hotel, there are many options available that are worth the investment. TWS Transworld’s team of hotel technology experts put together lists for the Best Hotel Tech Products available in 2022. This year’s lists are an aggregate of the leading manufacturers for various products, including: Samsung, LG, Phillips, GE, Amana, Verdant, and others. All of these companies are dedicated to providing the best possible experience to accommodate hospitality companies and their guests.

If you have any questions regarding details for any of the hotel technology products below, please contact our hotel technology service team.

Best Hotel Televisions 2022

We’ve selected four models from the leading manufacturers: Samsung and LG.

Best Hotel PTACs / ACs 2022

This year’s list is comprised of models from GE and Amana.

Best Hotel Accessories 2022

A mix of essential hotel room accessories to ensure their stay at your establishment is the best experience possible.