Breezer Oasys: Latest in Hospitality Cooling

Cool guests and Create Incremental Revenue

Extreme heat can have a negative impacts on the hospitality industry. As heat rises, hotels and restaurants with large, outdoor entertainment and dining areas risk revenue loss unless they are able to find effective cooling solutions. Breezer Oasys helps businesses reduce temperatures and creates pleasant, cool spaces for dining and entertaining. Your guests are sure to spend more time at your venue and become loyal customers.

How it Works

The Breezer Oasys produces comfort zones in hot environments by creating micro-climates. Using environmentally friendly evaporative cooling technology, the Breezer Oasys is capable of dropping ambient temperature by up to 27⁰F – without getting you wet!

Key Features

  • Cools up to 1,500 sq. ft.
  • Has oscillating head with ergonomic design for easy placement
  • Has 4 wheels to allow for easy transfer anywhere on property
Michael CastnerBreezer Oasys: Latest in Hospitality Cooling