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  • LG Pro:Centric

    LG Pro:Centric Hospitality TV Server – PCS500R

  • LG Pro:Centric

    LG Pro:Centric Hospitality TV Server – PCS400R

Hotel Room Accessories

Intricate details are what really make your guests appreciate their stay. So it’s crucial that you have access to a series of hotel room accessories that you can rely on. At Transworld, we understand that the little things can make a big difference in creating a comfortable and enjoyable stay for your guests. That’s why we offer a wide range of hotel room accessories to enhance their experience. We carry a vast selection of products, such as specialized hotel TV mounts and clean remotes. We also sell modern-looking thermostats that give your rooms that sleek touch travelers enjoy. Our outlet and phone-charging solutions make it easier than ever for visitors to charge their devices, and our alarm clocks are a tool your guests can rely on. Regardless of how you design your hotel rooms, we at Transworld have the hotel guest room accessories that will turn a simple lodging space into a cozy respite for weary guests. Adding some of these amenities to each of your hotel rooms can elevate your guest experience, resulting in positive reviews and increasing your chances of repeated bookings. Browse our selection of hotel room accessories to find the ideal product that suits your guests’ needs.