Choosing the Right Wall Mount

Four types of wall mounts

Wall mounts come in four basic functionality categories: fixed, flat, tilting and full motion mounts.

With this mount, the TV hangs parallel to the wall in a fixed position. It is the most economical way to hang your TV.

The ultra flat mounts place the TV/Monitor very close to the wall (approximately 1/3″). This type of installation enhances the flat “hanging picture” dynamic of a wall hung TV/Monitor which is built specifically with the ultra-thin TV’s in mind.

The Tilt mounts are ideal in situations where the TV is mounted higher than eye level position. You can tilt up or down to adjust vertical viewing angle.

Full Motion:
Your TV can be pulled out, rotated side to side and tilted up or down to achieve an unlimited combination of viewing angles. Multi-Angle mounts are ideal for large rooms where the desired horizontal viewing angle needs to be adjusted periodically.

TransworldChoosing the Right Wall Mount