July 16, 2023

Differences Between Traditional and Extended-Stay Hotels

By Jeremy Pate
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If you’re planning to open a hotel business, one of the first things to decide is how you want to design your rooms. You’ll need to incorporate particular elements based on whether you want your hotel rooms to be traditional or extended-stay. If you’re not familiar with extended-stay rooms, keep reading to learn the difference between traditional and extended-stay hotels.

What Traditional Hotels Provide

If you run a traditional hotel, your business may offer the same services and amenities as many hotel chains. For example, chains such as Hilton and Hyatt provide mostly traditional hotel rooms with standard amenities. Traditional hotels usually include one or more beds to a room, a personal bathroom, and closet space. Amenities such as kitchen appliances, in-room Internet, and personalized services are luxuries at a traditional hotel.

What Extended-Stay Hotels Provide

Extended-stay hotels provide more of the comforts of home that your guests will be used to. These hotels offer kitchens with range-top stoves, ovens, refrigerators, and other cooking equipment. Guests choose extended-stay hotels for long-term business trips or relocations, which means these hotels also need expanded working spaces and in-room Internet.

These rooms often provide ergonomic desks and chairs to accommodate working guests. Extended-stay hotels may also offer services such as in-room laundry and mail forwarding to make the space feel like a second home or apartment.

Their Differences

The main differences between traditional and extended-stay hotels are the amenities and services they offer. Traditional hotels can’t guarantee all in-room amenities of extended-stay hotels, such as Wi-Fi, full kitchens, and personal services. Another difference between traditional and extended-stay hotels is the cost. Many extended-stay hotels offer long bookings at discounted rates because it means fewer costs for the establishment. They accommodate fewer guests for longer stays, which means less cleaning and resetting rooms.

Now that you know the differences between traditional and extended-stay hotel rooms, you can plan your own hotel layout. If you want to design extended-stay hotel suites of your own, consider browsing our selection of hotel room appliances at Transworld Services. We provide kitchen equipment, technology appliances, and more for traditional hotels and extended-stay suites alike.