Traditionally, menu board and display graphics are created by design groups and display manufacturers, then shipped to different locations. The process can involve significant planning and production time as well as cost, while also requiring a high degree of coordination between the main office, outside vendors and your local operations.

We provide companies with the the ability to deliver multimedia-based content via broadband networks to digital menu boards and displays to locations around the world. This technology provides for content delivery that can be updated very quickly and increases the ability to display relevant, dynamic information. Listed below are some of the key ways in which our digital displays can help your business.

  • Increase revenue with dynamic, animated advertising
  • Advertise daily or weekly promotions in individual stores
  • Target and update campaigns by time and location
  • Measure sales lift and respond instantly
  • Update local and global content from a centralized location
  • Save on printing and shipping costs
  • Enhance decor and reinforce your brand
  • Provide relevant news to customers and employees
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