Edge Lit and Direct Lit LED TVs – What’s the difference?

Industry standard for flat screen televisions has transition away from LCD. Not only were they slower to respond and increased your electric bill, contrast was off making blacks appear grey. LED TVs have taken over the market, alleviating all the negatives from LCDs- better response time, more brightness and energy efficiency. There are different types of LED TV’s that affect the picture and look of the screen.

LED lighting that surrounds the perimeter of the TV is referred to as Edge lit LED TVs.  These types of TVs are thinner, cool off easily and are cheaper to make.

LED lighting that is located directly in back of the LCD panel is called a Direct Lit LED. With the amount of coverage this execution has, overall all brightness and contrast is better. These types of TVs will be thicker and more expensive.

The best professional monitors use direct LEDs, since overall image quality is better. For those who want a slim profile TV, Edge lit is the way to go.

TransworldEdge Lit and Direct Lit LED TVs – What’s the difference?