Finding the Right AC for Your Hotel or Apartment

Measure the Room

The first step in finding the right AC for your hotel room or apartment is to determine the amount of heat or BTU you need removed from the room. There is a very simple formula to do so:

Length of Room X Width of Room = SQ FT ÷ 450 = Multiplier X 12,000 = BTU

In a 20 X 20 room, the correct BTU would be:

20 X 20 = 400 ÷ 450 = 0.833 X 12,000 = 10,000

Measure the Space

Once you have figured out the power needed to heat and cool your space, you have to measure the space that you have to place your AC. Most ACs can be placed through a wall (Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner or PTAC) or through a window (Window/In-Room Air Conditioner). Either way, take exact measurements to guarantee the perfect fit.

Measure the Power Supply

What is the voltage of your wall outlets? It is essential to make sure that the AC and the voltage of your property matches so the property’s circuit can handle the operation of the unit(s).

Find the perfect AC

Once you have these three pieces of information, you are ready to go shopping for your AC.

Michael CastnerFinding the Right AC for Your Hotel or Apartment