February 13, 2023

Hotel Technology Trends To Watch in 2023

By Jeremy Pate

Technology is at the heart of the modern world, and, as such, thousands of industries are constantly on the lookout for ways to incorporate tech into their businesses. The hospitality industry is one such field looking to modernize operations, and whether you’ve just opened your first hotel or are a seasoned veteran, there’s always more for you to learn. Every year, technology engineers bring new and innovative devices into the hotel sphere, encouraging owners to experiment to find the best combination that works for their guests. Upon entering 2023, it’s plain to see there’s much to explore. These are some of the top hotel technology trends to watch for in 2023.

The Importance of Staying On-Trend

With the ticking of the clock comes new guest needs that older hotels simply aren’t equipped to handle. For one thing, the modern visitor prioritizes both functionality and style, making it vital that you find ways to combine these elements in your customer experience. Technology can go a long way in this regard by allowing you to provide better access to digital resources in each individual room.

Additionally, staying on-trend with hospitality technology provides you with better insight into your operations and makes it easier to see where you can improve in the future. Because of this, making a point to enact key changes can prolong the relevance of your business and give your guests a unique and accommodating experience they won’t soon forget.

There are several primary pieces of technology that we can expect to see more of in the upcoming months, and all of them have their own unique applications to consider. Even if you opt to only use a few upgrades from this list, you can still produce a drastic effect on how you operate your business and fulfill guest needs. These are some of the top advancements to expect in the upcoming year.

Smart Appliances

You can implement smart appliances anywhere in a hotel room or suite, from a room’s cooking range to its compact refrigerator. These products possess the ability to access the internet, making it easy to maximize performance, convenience, and general efficiency. Smart appliances also often look sleeker, making your guest spaces look and feel more luxurious to anyone using them. Smart televisions are particularly popular since they allow guests to access their preferred streaming services while away from home. This makes bridging the gap in comfort much easier than ever before.


Automation is another aspect of hospitality technology to keep in mind. While smart appliances are great to have on their own, they’re even more effective when hooked up to a network. Automation technologies can control these devices, allowing guests to activate and deactivate them on timers depending on their needs. Not only is this great for improving guest control over a space, but it also helps you cut back on your overall energy consumption.

Sustainable Power and Construction

We can expect to see an ever-growing interest in sustainability in the hospitality industry. Sustainable energy options such as solar, wind, and hydro power are now much easier to incorporate into your facilities. Though they can be costly to set up, they’re a great way to save money on long-term power and protect the environment at the same time.

If you’re looking to add to your hotel this year, there are plenty of sustainable construction options to consider. Today, many construction businesses use eco-friendly materials and recyclable items to create building additions. By taking this path, you’re not just operating sustainably but upgrading in a sustainable manner as well.

Access to VR and AR

Where virtual reality and augmented reality were once exclusive to gaming and entertainment, we’re now starting to see them in other places. In the hotel environment, these pieces of technology are great ways to give guests a tour of the property and even provide interactive map systems. This can make it much easier for individuals to find their way around your facilities and improve the overall customer experience during their stay.

Non-Human Hotel Staff

There are certain operational roles that can get an upgrade this year with the aid of robotics. Robot staff members can handle a wide range of tasks, including check-in, check-out, luggage transport, and room service delivery. Best of all, they’re fast and able to respond to guest requests much sooner than stressed-out and overwhelmed human hires. Some guests may even feel comforted by the presence of a robot, as there’s less pressure to engage in conversation when around them. However, this outcome greatly depends on your target market.

Incorporating Technology Into Your Hotel

Now that you know what hotel technology trends to be on the lookout for in 2023, it’s important that you know how to implement them in your own hotel. This can look slightly different depending on the current technologies you use and the desires of your particular target demographic. Because of this, it’s vital that you spend some time gathering guest feedback to determine what you should improve upon. Robot staff, for instance, won’t be an effective fit for guests that want a human touch during their stay. Likewise, those wanting to save time with automation will love knowing that everything they need is at their fingertips.

As a general rule, it’s often beneficial to upgrade overall lifestyle and entertainment technologies that allow for quick and easy access to food and supplies. For more specific operational changes, poll your staff and guests to see what combination of devices will make for the smoothest transition. Remember that you don’t need to make all these changes immediately or at the same time. It can even take up to several years to fully incorporate these advanced systems into your daily operations.

If you’re interested in giving your hotel a technology upgrade for 2023, Transworld, a premium hotel equipment supplier, is just the resource you need. It’s important to us that those in the hospitality industry always have the necessary items to evolve their brand to match the times. Gone are the days of generic room designs and barebones entertainment technology. Now, your guests and staff alike can reap the benefits of modern technological advancements. From cutting-edge appliances to smart televisions and display monitors, we have it all, allowing you to create the best possible experience for everyone checking in.

Hotel Technology Trends To Watch in 2023