Ideal Screen Size for Your Hotel Room

Size Up Your Room

  • Measure distance from TV to sitting position
  • Divide by 2 to get ideal screen size range

For example: Distance = 8 feet (or 96 inches) 96 / 2 = 48-Inch set.

Focus on Features

Today’s sets are more than just TVs. They’re a place to enjoy sports and movies, photos and home videos, plus anything and everything the Web has to offer. Here are some of the main features you’ll see on today’s hospitality TVs:

  • Pro:Idiom and b-LAN
  • H-Browser Compatibility
  • USB Cloning
  • Hotel Logo Display
  • Volume Limiters

Select Your Image Quality

The number (e.g. 720 or 1080) indicates the number of vertical pixels or picture elements. Generally speaking, the more pixels the better the picture. If your guest will be watching primarily cable and HD broadcasts, plus the occasional Blu-ray and/or multimedia from a PC or media center, then you’ll want to seriously consider 1080p sets. On the other hand, if the TV is more casual viewing, a 480p or 720p display may be a great choice.

Select a Display Type

With their vibrant images and anti-glare screens, these sets excel in brighter rooms where reflections and ambient light can wash out a plasma’s picture. They consume less power than plasma displays.

Light Emitting Diode (LED) sets are basically LCD sets that use an LED backlight instead of the traditional fluorescent one. The result is a higher contrast ratio, brighter and more accurate colors and less power consumption.

Michael CastnerIdeal Screen Size for Your Hotel Room