In-Room Air Conditioners

Keep rooms comfortable even during the warmest days with in-room air conditioners. TWS Transworld provides a comprehensive selection of built-in air conditioners that keep your living space refreshingly cool while being the leader in energy efficiency. With a clean, contemporary look, the air conditioner’s built-in AC design looks good in any room and offers an array of options. From the timer control to the easy-to-clean filters, these units are ENERGY STAR qualified and meet the 2010 US EPA environmental standard requirements. Explore our dependable room ACs for your hotel, living facility, or apartment complex to keep guests and residents comfortable.


What kind of AC units are in hotels?
Generally, PTACs (Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners), their counterparts – PTHPs (Packaged Terminal Heat Pumps) and VTACs (Vertical Terminal Air Conditioner) are most often found in hotel / motel rooms and other hospitality businesses.

What are the AC units in hotels called?
If the AC units are visible in the guest room, then these are PTACs (Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners) and their counterparts, PTHPs (Packaged Terminal Heat Pumps). If the AC unit is not visible or located within a closet, then a VTAC (Vertical Terminal Air Conditioner) system is being used. However, PTAC and VTAC units are not solely for hotel and motel applications.

How do hotel AC units work?
For cooling, the Veriable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) condenser pumps cold refrigerant to all of the fan coil units. For heating, the VRF pumps heat refrigerant (instead of cold refrigerant) to the fan coil units.

GE Built-in Room AC 8K BTU Cool Only 115V – AJCQ08ACD

GE Built-in Room AC 12K BTU Cool Only 115V – AJCQ12ACD

Amana Built-in Room AC 12K BTU Window AC With Heat 230/208V – AE123E35AX