May 12, 2014

To Lease or Not To Lease?

By Jeremy Pate
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Hospitality equipment financing and leasing are simple and easy ways to purchase hospitality equipment and FF&E. Industry rates and types of leases are becoming more and more accommodating in the industry for hotels, motels, lounges, restaurants and everything in-between.

Choosing to finance hospitality equipment is especially cost effective; by leasing or financing all your vital equipment, you in turn free up working capital for a more productive operation. In addition, some leases can protect against obsolescence and provide tax. You can ensure that your business meets and exceeds the status quote by financing only the best equipment and FF&E relative to your operation.

For example, there are several leasing companies that provide seasonal finance plans which allows the lessee to restrict payments to given months where business is booming.

Whether you are trying to set up your business from the ground up, or merely purchasing hospitality equipment that will better serve the needs of your customer and you.