Why do I need Digital Signage?

What is digital signage?

When people are discussing digital signage, they are referring to a type of display used in many environments to inform and engage passersby. A great example of digital signage are the monitors found in hotel lobbies. These monitors are used to inform guests about the weather, restaurants in the area and even provide them with directions to their rooms.

What are the benefits of digital signage?

The greatest benefit of digital signage is that it grabs the attention of anyone passing by. In this digital era, people are trained to look at screens for information so it is a natural choice for reaching large audiences. In addition, you can deliver information in real time and have multiple messages being sent out at once.

What kind of content can I show on my digital signage?

You can show virtually any type of content in your digital signage – it can be customized to your needs and changed at any point.

  • Text and graphics
  • Wayfinding/maps/directories
  • Video and audio
  • Schedules
  • Weather/news and stock updates
  • Web pages
  • Cable feeds
  • Polls/contest
  • Advertisements

and so much more

Michael CastnerWhy do I need Digital Signage?