August 16, 2021

New Series & New Sizes for Samsung Hospitality TVs

By Jeremy Pate
Samsung Hospitality TV New Series New Sizes TWS Transworld

Samsung fans, you’re in for a treat! Recently, the iconic electronics brand released a new series to their selection of 4K UHD Samsung hospitality TVs. 

As you’d expect, the new items feature top-of-the-line, built-in software that perfectly suits the hospitality industry’s needs to maximize the experience for hotel guests.

But we understand it’s difficult – and time-consuming – to research every new TV that Samsung releases, so here’s a rundown of the top six models to make it easier for you to choose the right one for your hotel.

We’ll start with the largest model and then go down to the smaller sizes one at a time.

1 – Samsung 75-inch 690U Series Luxury 4K UHD Hospitality TV

This model is the largest that Samsung offers in its new line of hotel TVs, a whopping 75 inches!

If you’ve never shopped for hospitality TVs, it may come as a surprise that they include special applications and features Samsung usually doesn’t include with ordinary 4K UHD televisions.

Not only does this model have a beautiful resolution, but it also has a built-in H.Browser and a LYNX REACH 4.0 content management solution, making it perfect for the new “smart rooms” you’ll find in many luxury hotels.

But most impressive of all, this model is more customizable than any other hotel TV on the market right now. Luxury is, indeed, a great way to describe this TV.

2 – Samsung 65-inch 690U Series Luxury 4K UHD Hospitality TV

As another large-screen 4K UHD TV, these Samsung hospitality televisions have many of the same features as its 75inch big brother. Simply put, the main difference is its screen size.

With this model, you can use the LYNX REACH 4.0 content management solution as well as an improved H. Browser, just like the 75-inch variety! The main difference is that this TV is smaller, lighter, and consumes less power than the luxury series.

Also, if wall space is an issue in your establishment, you can’t go wrong with this UHD 4K TV.

3 – Samsung 55-inch 690U Series Luxury 4K UHD Hospitality TV

Moving along our list, we come to the 55-inch hotel TVs that Samsung recently released. The best thing about the 690U series is that you get many of the same features, no matter which size you need.

The main difference is that some TVs come with a slightly better resolution and a larger diagonal width.

That makes this model a perfect mid-range solution for hotels that don’t need a TV that covers nearly a whole wall.

It’s also a reasonably decent-sized TV that would look great in any hotel room. You still get access to the content management system apps and all of the Wi-Fi capabilities you get with the larger luxury models.

4 – Samsung 50-inch 690U Series Luxury 4K UHD Hospitality TV

Not to be outclassed, the new line of Samsung hospitality TVs also includes a 50-inch model if the other models we’ve already mentioned are too big for your needs.

Without a doubt, the versatility of the newest Samsung hotel TVs is why they’re the top-selling brand.

When you downsize, you don’t have to sacrifice quality or features. The 50-inch 690U series is equally as capable as the 55-inch model, including LYNX REACH 4.0 features.

5 – Samsung 43-inch 690U Series Luxury 4K UHD Hospitality TV

Best of all, Samsung has added a 43-inch model to provide hotel managers a more versatile yet smaller Samsung hospitality television. Its compact design works well for hotel rooms that are on the small side.

Still, you get the same Bluetooth capability, USB cloning, and embedded apps as the other 690U Series 4K UHD hospitality TVs.

6 – Samsung 32-inch 478 Series Standard Direct-Lit LED Hospitality TV

The smallest new model on the list is the 32-inch Samsung hospitality TV, the 478 series. It’s small enough to fit almost anywhere, and that’s the beauty of it!

The main difference is that this model contains a standard direct-lit LED screen instead of the 4K UHD screen you get with the larger models.

Overall, that’s what’s great about Samsung televisions. Typically, you don’t have to sacrifice quality just to get a better value. Often, Samsung TVs, regardless of size, contain many of the same smart television features we’ve come to know and appreciate.

No matter which model you choose, the new line of Samsung hospitality televisions has everything your business needs in a quality 4K UHD television.