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Product Highlights

  • Induction technology heats only the pan and its contents and offers energy efficiency by reducing wasted heat when compared to radiant and gas cooktops. Since there is not a traditional thermal heating element, the induction cooktop stays cooler than conventional radiant cooktops.
  • In addition to a sleek, modern appearance, the GE® smoothtop cooktop quality is backed by a strong warranty. The smoothtop cooktop is built to last. The cooktop material is not glass but a highly engineered “glass-ceramic” material. It is impact- and scratch-resistant. Impact-resistant quality is confirmed by UL tests.
  • Many cooks prefer a gas cooktop. Gas cooktops are legendary for their responsiveness, even heating and customized control.
  • A powerful three-speed exhaust system is built into these cooktops to pull smoke and vapor out of the kitchen. With a downdraft cooktop, an additional venting system or hood is not needed.
  • Coil burners provide consistent and even heat on the GE electric cooktop with a plug-in element that is removable for easy cleaning.
  • GE Profile™ and GE cooktops are available with a variety of burner types and configurations. Here are a few of our best!
    >Dual-Flame Stacked Burner (gas cooktops)-This unique design includes two burners stacked one on top of the other: a PowerBoil™ burner with 18,000 BTUs for accelerated boiling, paired with a precise simmer for gentle 140° simmering.
    >Precise Simmer Burner (gas cooktop)- When turned to the lowest setting, this burner delivers a low 140° temperature for sauces and delicate foods.
    >Simmer Option (electric cooktop)- Burners with this option maintain a 140° temperature, and “Simmer” is incorporated on the control graphics, making it easy to set the control.
    >12-inch, dual, and tri-ring elements (electric cooktops)- Multiple cooking areas in one accommodate various-sized pots or pans.
    >Melt and Simmer Options- Melt option is optimized for melting chocolate. Simmer is ideal for making delicate sauces or melting butter and will ensure a food-safe temperature of at least 140°F. The words “Melt” and “Simmer” are incorporated on the control graphics.
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Available in both gas and electric, kitchen cooktops are independent from the oven cavity. They are designed to have an integrated look with kitchen countertops. A cooktop can be installed over a built-in wall oven or warming drawer, or simply on its own in a countertop or kitchen island. The design possibilities in your kitchen are almost endless!

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