LG 47″ Pro:Idiom Smart TV

  • Smartshare: The LY760H is designed for “second screen” support and options includes Wi-Di™, Wi-Fi Direct™ and Smart Mirroring technologies, which are used to pair guests’ mobile devices with the TV enabling them to share and view their content on the large HD screen.
  • Pre-Loaded Applications: Embedded Applications include Accuweather, Google Maps, Web Browser, Youtube, and vtuner (other applications may be added in the future, subject to licensing terms).
  • Web Browser: Let your guests surf the internet just like at home with LG’s optional easy-to-use 'Magic' Remote Control and embedded web-browser function.
  • Available with b-LAN (47LY970)

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Whenever guests find comfortable accommodations that suit their needs, LG Hotel TVs have been a part of leaving a positive impression. LG’s continuing commitment towards achieving the highest standard of excellence enables us to deliver the best solutions and products in the industry.

Product Specifics

Lock Mode
USB Cloning
Welcome Screen
Public Display Mode
Power cable
Remote Control
WXHXD 42.2X26.8X12.8
Weight 34.6 lbs

Additional information

Weight 34 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 42 × 26 in